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Hippotherapy Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Information:

PO Box 2014 Fort Collins, CO 80522
Phone: (970) 818-1322
E-mail: info@theahainc.org
Website: www.theahainc.org

Website contains course information:

What is Hippotherapy?
Hippotherapy is done by an Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapists (OT, PT, ST) who has
been specially trained to use the movement of the horse to facilitate improvements in their
client/patient. It does not teach the client how to ride the horse. Therapists use traditional
techniques such as NDT (neurodevelopmental treatment) and SI (sensory integration) along with
the movement of the horse as part of their treatment strategy.

What is the difference between Hippotherapy and Therapeutic riding? (Equine Assisted
Activities, Therapeutic Horsemanship, etc.)

A licensed therapist in Occupational, Physical or Speech therapy, who has specific training ,
provides Hippotherapy. The goals are therapy directed such as improving balance, coordination,
posture, fine motor control, improving articulation and increasing cognitive skills. Therapeutic
Riding teaches the rider to control the horse with such skills as reining, use of aids, and stable
management. PATH Intl. certifies Therapeutic Riding Instructor at 3 levels of expertise.

How can I (or my therapist) become a “Hippotherapist”?
There is no such thing as a Hippotherapist, but any OT, PT or ST with special training in the
techniques can provide hippotherapy as part of their treatment. The training for therapists is
provided by a curriculum of courses offered by AHA, Inc. Check website for course listings.

What is the relationship between PATH Intl. and AHA?
They are Affiliate Partners. AHA began as a section of PATH Intl. and then become incorporated
as a separate organization. As partners, Path Intl. and AHA share many of the same goals and
objectives to serve people with special needs. You can be a member of each organization.

How do I become a member of AHA?
You can call, write or get on the AHA website. PATH Intl. members will receive a discounted
membership to AHA for their first year.

When is the next hippotherapy course?
Check the AHA website to get a listing of the courses or call the office (970) 818-1322

How do I find a therapist in my area?
PATH Intl. maintains a list of Registered Therapists. These people are licensed in OT, PT, or ST
and have successfully completed training in hippotherapy techniques.


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